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    HIVE is the result of 20 years of tested, industry-leading innovation – bringing together an integrated suite of solutions and services designed to add value and productivity to your business.
    What is SMART?

    Every business has a unique set of needs that their technology infrastructure supports. Which is why we start by listening – allowing us to provide a custom solution that’s right for you.
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Every building is capable of being ìsmartî ñ but what does being ìsmartî actually mean for your business? The popularity of smart buildings has exploded in recent years within all verticals such as retail, small to larger commercial, industrial, health care and all government levels, and yet most sites in North America are not equipped with a smart base building network (BBN) and an effective long-term strategy to use it. Without these, smart building systems merely generate data that will go unused unless itís properly harnessed and analysed.
RYCOM does that and more with our HIVEô Smart Platform. Never happy to leave a job half done, RYCOM does not leave the data at your door and ask you to make sense of it ñ we provide you with an innovative platform that takes data from all your interacting building systems and provides easy to understand actionable insights.
How do RYCOMís HIVEô Smart Platform and BBN generate actionable insights for your business? Read more to find out.

A Base Building Network lies at the core of every smart building

Every smart building must start by converging all building systems onto one network ñ a single, unified, information highway, if you will. We call this a Base Building Network which we tailor-design to seamlessly integrate into a building, no matter the size or class. A Base Building Network provides managers with:

  • A more secure network that is continuously monitored by RYCOMís 24/7 security operations centre
  • Full control over building system vendors and the ability to build upon current systems when necessary
  • Reduced capital costs for future building system installations through the utilization of one common shared network infrastructure
  • Performance management and optimization for effective OPEX over the life of the asset

Before we design a BBN, we work with the building owner to determine how and where ìsmartî fits into the site and how it will impact both the site and tenants. It is crucial to work closely with building stakeholders to ensure that everyoneís requirements are considered when designing a smart strategy and BBN. With this feedback, a detailed blueprint can be developed that will map out the buildingís unique BBN to ensure it will allow a building to realize the many benefits of smart technology.
A common mistake with BBN implementations is they are either over-designed and not fully utilized or under designed and never allow for a true smart building to evolve. That is why before your business undergoes any investment of time and money, it is important to partner with an experienced team that understands the entire ecosystem of structured cabling, networking, vendor systems, system integration and property/portfolio strategies.

HIVEô Smart Platform generates actionable insights from your building system data

Once a BBN has been installed, your property has the secure foundation that allows the HIVEô Smart Platform to turn your building system data into insights that allow for informed action that can make a real difference in the short- and long-term success of your business and your bottom line. Powered by BUENO (link), the HIVEô Smart Platform is an easy-to-use SAAS platform that is managed and monitored by RYCOM 24/7. Through analyzing KPIís and other data that form the framework of your network, the HIVEô Smart Platform:

  • Liberates building systems data onto a common operating platform, which enables ëcross-platformí analysis and provides easy to understand real time data about your building
  • Allows for command and control functionality of building systems such as security, building automation systems, people counting, car parks and much more
  • Runs diagnostics of your building that utilize experiences of similar properties from around the world to detect building issues and find the root cause so that they can be diagnosed and solved
  • Consistently monitors every maintenance point of a building and provides automated diagnostics to avoid the potential goose chase of locating a small problem within a major building system
  • Uncovers a range of equipment faults, mechanical failures and degradation of performance over time. This allows for the implementation of a directed maintenance approach opposed to the standard, and costlier, preventative maintenance approach
  • With the full triage insight and fault knowledge, more efficient repair and maintenance practices and strategies can be deployed. This approach provides for a comprehensive directed maintenance strategy to be implemented materially lowering PEX costs and improving building system functions

Add all of this up and our platform provides continuous optimization and support structure to deliver the targeted performance that is necessary in todayís marketplace.
No matter which smart building partner you choose, always remember that the smartest thing about smart buildings are the people who use it. It is important to ensure that you have the right partner with the right experience to work with you on your strategy, technology solutions, systems integrations and operations. Even if your building is not yet ready for a full-scale smart building deployment, itís never too early to develop a strategy to get smart.

Interested in learning more about RYCOM HIVEô Services and Solutions? Contact one of our Sales Specialists today at or 1-877-927-9266 and let us show you why we are the right smart building partner for your business.