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    HIVE is the result of 20 years of tested, industry-leading innovation – bringing together an integrated suite of solutions and services designed to add value and productivity to your business.
    What is SMART?

    Every business has a unique set of needs that their technology infrastructure supports. Which is why we start by listening – allowing us to provide a custom solution that’s right for you.
    Strategize Deploy Design Optimize

RYCOM is pleased to announce the launch of HIVE™ – our suite of integrated solutions and services that are specifically designed to add value to organizations, driving business outcomes, and enable long-term success for our clients across North America.

HIVE™ is the result of 20 years of tested, industry-leading innovation. It brings together an integrated suite of services designed to add value to a company by understanding the role technology can play in maximizing operational efficiencies and productivity. HIVE™ does this by creating unified platforms and networks, frameworks for compatibility and integration, and the ability to harness purposeful data, so your business decisions are always based on the latest information. By nature, HIVE™ is made stronger by each cell in the structure and when multiple systems and deep skill sets are working together as one. HIVE™ partners work much the same way ­– by bringing leading-edge, game-changing capabilities to the table. Never at rest, HIVE™ is always capturing, measuring, and analyzing KPIs and data to facilitate proactive management, to find problems before they happen and to create Systems at Work™.

What exactly is HIVE™ and how can it impact your company? Read more to learn about the HIVE™ Approach, Services and Partners that make up this innovative suite of solutions brought to you by RYCOM.

The HIVE™ Approach

We understand that every business has a unique set of requirements that can be supported with a unique complement of technology. It’s why we begin with the business drivers that influence them. Projects can range from the simple to the complex, but one thing you can count on is that they’re constantly changing. HIVE™ ensures your business has the flexibility to be on target not only for today but tomorrow as well. This adaptable nimbleness means we can seamlessly integrate ourselves into any project at any stage, using any or all of our tools – to Strategize, Design, Deploy and Optimize – depending on what is needed. Behind every successful enterprise is a team of innovative, creative and passionate people who are invested in the success of your company as much as you are.

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HIVE™ Services

Our Integrated HIVE™ Services are made up of telecom, technology, infrastructure, data and managed/unmanaged support services – all designed with your business in mind. Our years of experience in these areas have made us multi-disciplinary Master Integrators who understand that the pace of business is always evolving and know the pressure on your business to meet the needs of a digital world. That’s why your technology choices should be just as flexible. Deployed separately or as part of a solution, our services cover every aspect of your company’s technology backbone – removing risk by preserving your existing investment and creating opportunities for sustainable choices as your needs grow now and into the future.

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HIVE™ Partners

By nature, a hive is made stronger by each cell in the structure. HIVE™ partners work in much the same way. We bring together the best and the brightest in the industry, combining our strengths with theirs to increase innovation exponentially. These partners seek us out because we have demonstrated success and, after a couple of decades of experience, a legacy of accomplishments. Our carefully chosen partners bring unique strengths to the table and are fundamental building blocks for the HIVE™ suite of solutions and services. Together, we make your systems stronger by combining forces and by investing ourselves in the success of your enterprise.

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Interested in learning more about RYCOM HIVE™ Services and Solutions? Contact one of our Sales Specialists today at or 1-877-927-9266 and let us show you why we are the right smart building partner for your business.