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      Résultat de 20 ans d’innovations de pointe au sein de l’industrie, HIVE est une gamme de solutions et services intégrés conçus pour rehausser la valeur et la productivité des entreprises.

      Qu’entend-on par « intelligent »?


      Chaque entreprise a des besoins uniques auxquels vient répondre son infrastructure technologique. C’est pourquoi nous commençons par vous écouter avant de vous proposer la solution qui vous convient.


    KingSett is a private equity real estate investment firm that owns interests in a $13.4 billion portfolio of assets. As KingSett continues to seek further opportunities to invest in a wide range of real estate properties and developments, Senior leadership is laying the foundation for the Smart and Connected future of its entire portfolio.

    With the goal of creating a Smart Vision that aligns with the company’s core values, KingSett engaged, Smart Tech leader, RYCOM, in June 2018, to create an agile and executable Smart Strategy with the depth, flexibility, scalability and modularity to be applicable across KingSett’s diverse portfolio. As this Smart Strategy is deployed and adopted across the various asset types within the portfolio, it will serve to provide the necessary direction and processes to enhance relationships with tenants, partners and communities at the site level. It will also serve to transform and evolve each property with Smart Technology.

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