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    HIVE is the result of 20 years of tested, industry-leading innovation – bringing together an integrated suite of solutions and services designed to add value and productivity to your business.
    What is SMART?

    Every business has a unique set of needs that their technology infrastructure supports. Which is why we start by listening – allowing us to provide a custom solution that’s right for you.
    Strategize Deploy Design Optimize

When our customer’s win, we win!

The best way to explain what we do is by showing off what we’ve done and how we did it. Dive into our case studies, white papers and FAQ to see how we have helped enable short- and long-term success for our clients and how we can be your greatest competitive advantage.



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One Queen Street East


One Queen Street East is a landmark complex that combines a modern office tower and a designated historical building in an office property managed by 20 VIC Management.

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Managed by Colliers International, the Mississauga Executive Centre (MEC) office campus is home to major tenants like Desjardins General Insurance, D+H, Symcor, Element Financial and RBC Dominion Securities.

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MIssissauga Exectutive Centre (MEC) – Smart Network


What type of building can I use HIVE SMART Platform tools in?
You can use HIVE in any building size or type, small to large, commercial, retail, healthcare, industrial, educational and high-density residential.

My team is very technical; why do I need HIVE SMART Platform tools?
The HIVE SMART Platform provides useful tools for users who are novice to super expert users. The highly technical users can investigate and evaluate more complex systems issues much quicker.

What areas will I see savings in? How long until I see an ROI?
The savings areas are many and include energy consumption reduction, repair and maintenance, and capital intensity spend reduction while increasing tenant comfort satisfaction. Our ROI targets are less than 12 months.

How do you assess my needs?
Once we have an understanding of your business challenges, our team will do a deep dive into creating a tailored solution using our HIVE services.

What happens after the first year of savings?
The HIVE SMART Platform continues to optimize and recommend options for further building operating cost reductions.

What is the difference between HIVE SMART Platform and alarms on a BMS?
HIVE SMART Platform filters and applies experience rules to BMS data and other systems to provide stakeholders with quick and concise assessment of issues and causes.

How do I quantify savings?
Savings are quantified using before and after comparisons, target dollars saved, capital avoided and speed of resolution. Savings are also measured by emission reductions, efficiency improvements and achieving KPIs that underline business needs and objectives.

My electricity is onsold to tenants, so where are my savings?
Tenant differentiation is important in the ability to lease space. Tenants’ operating costs within a building are directly a result of the building operating optimally, and that is the landlord’s responsibility.

We already have comprehensive maintenance contracts. How could HIVE SMART Platform help us?
With its root cause analysis, the HIVE SMART Platform provides insights and triages tools for real and efficient directed maintenance services. This benefits both the maintenance service provider and the building operator by reducing waste of time and money.

How much does it cost?
Costs will vary with the size of building and scope of the deployment.

How do you connect to my BMS or building systems?
In buildings with BMS, we will connect with an IP server type device, and in non-BMS buildings we will connect using IoT sensors and/or an IP server, in both cases connecting to our HIVE SMART Cloud.

Is this going to be Big Brother checking up on me?
No, this is a suite of secure support services operating under your direction to support the strategies you already have in place and your long-term objectives.


Doing What’s Right

RYCOM is a company built on ideals and the strong belief that it is our responsibility to support the communities in which we live and serve. We aspire to be the shoulder to lean on as individuals and as a company.


Building Management Technology Systems
KPIs and Analytics make good business partners.

We turn data and information into insights that mobilize your organization and help you prioritize your business objectives – giving you the power to innovate, lead and drive business success.


Integrated business technology services
We don’t influence your technology infrastructure, you do.

With 20 years of tested, industry-leading innovation and experience, our Integrated HIVE Services are made up of telecom, technology, infrastructure, data and managed/unmanaged support services.

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