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    HIVE is the result of 20 years of tested, industry-leading innovation – bringing together an integrated suite of solutions and services designed to add value and productivity to your business.
    What is SMART?

    Every business has a unique set of needs that their technology infrastructure supports. Which is why we start by listening – allowing us to provide a custom solution that’s right for you.
    Strategize Deploy Design Optimize

One queen street east – bring a vision to life.

One Queen Street East Case Study

One Queen Street East is a landmark complex that combines a modern office tower and a designated historical building in an office property managed by 20 VIC Management. Migrating from a multi-tenant format to a single-user headquarters, the property team at One Queen had the vision to create a world-class smart office showcase for its owner and tenants. RYCOM was commissioned to assist in making their smart strategy a reality. As a Master Integrator, RYCOM is pulling together all building systems and working with the building systems vendors to drive the site’s desired measurable outcomes. 20 VIC’s long-term smart strategy for this unique property is to make One Queen Street East a competitive commercial property in the downtown Toronto market through optimizing building performance and engaging tenants using new operational tools. Together, 20 VIC Management, RYCOM and their technology partners Cisco and BUENO are moving towards a truly integrated smart building where diverse systems are integrated to drive tenant comfort using real-time data analytics and command and control functionality.


Building Management Technology Systems
KPIs and Analytics make good business partners.

We turn data and information into insights that mobilize your organization and help you prioritize your business objectives – giving you the power to innovate, lead and drive business success.


Integrated business technology services
We don’t influence your technology infrastructure, you do.

With 20 years of tested, industry-leading innovation and experience, our Integrated HIVE Services are made up of telecom, technology, infrastructure, data and managed/unmanaged support services.

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Doing What’s Right

RYCOM is a company built on ideals and the strong belief that it is our responsibility to support the communities in which we live and serve. We aspire to be the shoulder to lean on as individuals and as a company.