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    HIVE is the result of 20 years of tested, industry-leading innovation – bringing together an integrated suite of solutions and services designed to add value and productivity to your business.
    What is SMART?

    Every business has a unique set of needs that their technology infrastructure supports. Which is why we start by listening – allowing us to provide a custom solution that’s right for you.
    Strategize Deploy Design Optimize

We do more than just configure networks, we share your business goals.

Our people have designed, deployed and serviced technology infrastructure products and data solutions for North American companies and organizations for over 20 years. With our creativity, innovation and know-how, we get to solutions quicker because we understand that the information that flows through your network is more than just bits and bytes – it’s the lifeblood of your business.


We do what we do so you can do what you do best.

Our Integrated HIVE Services are made up of telecom, technology, infrastructure, data and managed/unmanaged support services – all designed with your business in mind. Our years of experience in these areas have made us multi-disciplinary Master Integrators who understand that the pace of business is always evolving and who change to meet the needs of a digital world. That’s why your technology choices should be just as flexible. Deployed separately or part of a solution, our services cover every aspect of your company’s technology backbone – removing risk by preserving your existing investment and creating opportunities for sustainable choices as your needs grow now and into the future.


We live in a digital world. Reliable, high-speed telecom services play a much bigger role than they did just 10 years ago. As customer needs evolve, so does the demand for service availability and speed. HIVE Telecom & Riser Management adds value by facilitation services, access management and ensuring standards are met to protect and service your building and your tenants.

  • Telecommunication Drawings Review
  • Pre/Post Site Inspections
  • Telecom License Agreement Facilitation
  • Riser Access and Contractor Management
  • Create Standards/​Guidelines Document
  • Onsite Riser Manager
HIVE Telecom & Rise Management

HIVE Professional Services begins with our people. Our team of HIVE experts work together to bring creative solutions that simplify technology and develop assets your business can build upon. As Master Integrators, we design, build, and manage your technology based on an in-depth understanding of your business needs. Our staff across Canada brings a level of care, commitment to quality and pride to our customers.

  • Audits
    • Telecommunications Audit
    • Cable Abatement Audit
    • Network/IT Audit
    • Rooftop Audit
    • Infrastructure Audit
    • Security Audit
  • Technical Project Management
  • Training
  • Design
    • Enterprise IP & Legacy Network Design
    • Main Telephone Room Design
    • Base Building Network Design
    • Structured Cabling Design
    • Telecommunications Relocation Design
    • Security Design
    • Cyber
    • WiFi Design
    • Design/Build Services
HIVE Professional Services

We get that your business doesn’t stop at 5 p.m. Neither does HIVE Onsite Support. Our Field Services group is available day and night to ensure that your systems and technologies are working as hard as you are. And our crews are ready to implement your network and platform solutions. Our Onsite Support team ensures continuous network operations and provides peace of mind for you and a lifeline for your critical business needs.

  • Maintenance & Repair
    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • SMART HIVE Directed Maintenance & Repair
    • T&M Repair
  • Implementation
    • Base Building Network Implementation
    • HIVE SMART Platform
    • WiFi Implementation
    • Structured Cabling Implementation
    • Security Implementation
HIVE Onsite Support

Our multi-disciplinary domain experts have literally “been there and done that.” HIVE Master Integration brings together over 20 years of real-world troubleshooting, engineering, project management and innovation. Whether a property, portfolio, or asset class and no matter the market vertical, we get how building systems work and how they are an integral part of what drives consideration for your customers.

  • SMART Services
    • BAS (Building Automation System)
    • Lighting
    • Elevator‌​‌‌/‌‌‌​Escalator
    • Security + Access Control
    • Parking
    • WiFi
    • Occupancy Tracking & Analysis
    • Traffic Flow
    • Waste
    • Cleaning
    • Life + Safety
    • SMART Integration Services
  • Software Development
  • Building System Migration​/​Onboarding​/​Integration
HIVE Master Integration

With information comes insight, and with insight come better business decisions. The HIVE SMART Platform gives you this power by analyzing KPIs and other data that form the framework of your ‘Smart’ network. An extension of your site’s operations team, we engineer, support, maintain and grow your investment.

  • Workflow Analysis
  • Building System Analytics
  • Fault Detection
  • Root Cause Analytics
  • Commissioning Validation Testing
  • Visualization Portal (Dashboards)
HIVE Smart Platform

Never at rest, HIVE Managed Services is continuously monitoring your network using advanced analytics to anticipate problems before they happen and always working to keep your systems at peak performance. Together with 24 x 7 Bilingual Call Centre access, your problems become ours, and we work relentlessly to prevent and solve them. We’re here for you, not only when things go wrong, but even when they don’t.

  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Maintenance & Management
  • Network Sparing Program/Services
  • Secure Internet and Dial Gateways
  • 24 x 7 Bilingual Call Centre
  • 24 x 7 Network Operations Centre
  • 24 x 7 Security Operations Centre
HIVE Managed Services


We don’t influence your technology infrastructure, you do.

We understand that every business has a unique set of technology requirements. It’s why we begin with the business drivers that influence them. Projects can range from the simple to the complex, but one thing you can count on is that they’re constantly changing. HIVE ensures your business has the flexibility to be on target not only for today but tomorrow as well. This adaptable nimbleness means we can seamlessly integrate ourselves into any project at any stage, using any or all of our tools – Strategize, Design, Deploy and Optimize – depending on what is needed. Behind every successful enterprise is a team of innovative, creative and passionate people who are invested in the success of your company as much as you are.

The future is arriving faster than ever. Our strategies are built to address immediate needs while always focusing on the long-term business objectives of our clients. In-depth information gathering and client collaboration help us to build strategies that add value by reducing costs and redundancies, uncovering potential revenue opportunities, enhancing client relationships, and mitigating risk and liability.


We’re invested in your business success, so we don’t take the responsibility of finding the right technology solution lightly. By listening, we tailor a strategy that builds on what is already working and make recommendations for what’s not.

Systems at work.


An effective design, no matter how big or small, must have the ability to scale. We approach design in a way that ensures it can be engineered to expand with the growing needs of today’s businesses. We take information obtained through systems audits and a comprehensive requirements-gathering process, and use it as the foundation for building a master blueprint to map the best possible services and solutions for today and into the future – to achieve your business goals.


We take information obtained through systems audits and comprehensive requirements gathering to map the best possible service or solution to meet your needs today and into the future.

Systems at work.

We’ve become industry leaders by understanding and operating within the entire technology ecosystem. We build networks from the ground up or integrate into existing systems with solutions – leveraging and working within the latest cloud and IoT platforms. From the integration of control and mechanical systems, networks and IT, to development and visualization, we do what it takes and we do it well.


We believe technology should be invisible, but support the critical systems of your infrastructure. We are Master Integrators who combine your capabilities with ours.

Systems at work.

Optimization means that there is no finish line – only the ongoing evolution and enhancement of your technologies, building processes, productivity and client experiences. Beyond harnessing your building data and creating actionable results, HIVE solutions are always working to enhance business outcomes, exceed expectations and tackle problems before they occur.


We turn information into the insights that mobilize your organization and prioritize your business objectives through big data and analytics - giving you the power to innovate, lead and drive business success.

Systems at work.

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Doing what’s right

RYCOM is a company built on ideals and a strong belief in our responsibility to support each other and the communities we serve. Our people bring these ideals to life through a commitment to community engagement based on helping those in need. We aspire to be a shoulder to lean on, as individuals and as a company. Learn more about LEAN ON ME

About Rycom

RYCOM is a company built on ideals and a strong belief in our responsibility to support each other and the communities we serve. Our people bring these ideals to life through a commitment to community engagement based on helping those in need. We aspire to be a shoulder to lean on, as individuals and as a company. Learn more about LEAN ON ME


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We don’t influence your technology infrastructure, you do.

With 20 years of tested, industry-leading innovation and experience, our Integrated HIVE Services are made up of telecom, technology, infrastructure, data and managed/unmanaged support services.

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Our people make the difference.

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